If you already own a stucco home, pay attention to its maintenance needs to get the most from this exterior.

Stucco care and maintenance should be a regular part of home care. Properly maintained stucco can prevent several serious problems. Improper application of the material almost always leads to water damage, as well as mold, cracking, and staining. Worn or missing sealants can also create problems. By regularly having the stucco inspected it will prevent problems like the following.

Water Damage

Water damage is the costliest stucco problem. This can be caused by poorly installed stucco. Because water damage for stucco siding is troublesome. If repairs are not made it can lead to mold problems. Inspecting the stucco, sealants and flashings can help prevent expensive repairs.


When excess moisture and water retention are a problem, mold is always a concern. Not only a visually unpleasing sight, mold can be a health risk. The water source must be identified and repaired or the mold will return.


Stucco has two types of cracking problems: localized and general. Localized cracking is normally due to water damage, while general cracking may be a result of poor installation. Patching a crack to match your home’s exterior is difficult due to weathering and time. After patching the crack, you may want to consider refinishing the entire wall for a seamless look.


Rainwater can wash contaminants such as, algae from overflowing gutters, and dirty windows into your stucco. Over time, stains can appear and deteriorate the home’s exterior.

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