Mold Assessment or Mold Remediation?

Do I need an Assessment or a Remediation if mold is in my home? If you notice mold growing in your home, the answer to that question may be YES to both. To understand WHY we need to know WHAT purpose an assessment and remediation serve.

What does a Mold Assessor do?

A Mold Assessor determines whether a home or building has a mold problem. They will use specialized equipment to identify the source of the problem. Most homeowners do not even know they have a problem or how bad it really is. Mold needs food and water to grow. Where is the water coming from and how severe is the problem? The Mold Assessor investigates the home to answer these questions. They may test the air quality to help determine the extent of mold in the air. These tests will also help identify the type of mold present. With this important information the Mold Assessor will develop a plan to correct the problem so that licensed professional contractors can make the needed repairs. That is where the Remediation comes in.

What does a Mold Remediator do?

Once the source of the problem has been identified and a plan of attack has been developed, the Mold Remediator will make the repairs. They will safely remove the materials affected by mold, mildew, and other contaminates from the home. This process can be labor intensive and if done incorrectly, mold can be spread to other areas within the home or building. A trained, professional Mold Remediator will use equipment designed to keep the area clean and dry while containing the mold to the affected area.

Why does this benefit me?

Are you experiencing allergy symptoms when you are in your home? Do you smell musty odors when you come home? Mold is not always visible. Hidden mold can cause damage to a home. Some have found that they are allergic to specific types of mold. Having a mold inspection done may be the solution to breathing easier. Call us if you have concerns with moisture or mold.