Infrared Inspections

Our highly trained Infrared Thermographers can help you detect unseen, underlying problems, preventing costly damage to your home.

Infrared Thermography Inspections & Thermal Scanning Service Information

Infrared thermography is used to inspect building envelopes, flat roofs, underground piping, plumbing systems and electrical systems. Infrared (IR) inspections can detect unseen problems such as loose or deteriorated electrical connections, missing or damaged insulation, air leakage and water intrusion. All of these conditions can cause costly damage to a home.

Benefits of a Thermal Inspection

A Thermal Inspection allows us to identify possible areas of concern in a non-destructive way. Annual IR inspections can extend roof life, prevent excessive moisture damage, reduce equipment damage, detect loose or deteriorated electrical connections, save energy and lower building operating costs.

Our Experience

Infrared imaging cameras have become more sophisticated and are easier to use than ever before. Because of this, many people mistakenly believe that IR scans can be performed with little or no training. IR Thermography is a science and an art. Proper training is critical to success.

Alan Bowman is a level III Thermographer that has been trained in infrared theory, heat transfer principles, weather influences and building science. We not only have the proper equipment for this type of work but also have the understanding of how it should be used.

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Who Should Perform an Infrared Inspection?

How are Thermographic Inspections Preformed?

Additional Building Assessment Services

We offer a wide array of inspections by licensed, certified and highly qualified inspectors ready to assist with all your moisture related issues.

Building Envelope Inspections

Experienced and Professional – Certified by the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) as a Stucco Inspector

Mold Assessments & Protocols

Licensed Mold Assessors, highly trained and experienced in detecting and assessing mold related issues.

Roof Inspections

We use IR thermography to identify and isolate roof leaks, helping you maintain your investment and keeping your roof in good condition.


Bowman Building Assessment inspectors are licensed (#HI9248, #MRSA3446) and certified. Among our many certifications and accreditations, we are proud to have received Infrared Training & Infrared Certification from the Infraspection Institute, the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. We hold certifications as Level I, Level II and Level III Thermographers. We are also certified through United Infrared, Inc. for Non Destructive Leak Detection and Roof Infrared Moisture Surveys. We also hold certifications for Moisture Inspection & Repair Protocol and Active Inspector/Moisture Analyst.