After years of no direct hits, Florida continues to get hammered by tropical storms and hurricanes. In the past few years we have seen the aftermath of Hurricanes, and felt the effects of tropical storm Eta. How do these storms effect us and our homes?

What is Wind-Driven Rain?

Because of this severe weather, Florida residents have filed many claims regarding water damage due to wind-driven rain. Even though no physical damage occurred to the exterior of the homes, rain-water still got inside due to the strength of the outside wind. Which, in turn, created water damage to the interior of the building.

How does Wind-Driven rain happen?

Water may enter a home from several locations such as; underneath an un-sealed sliding glass door, through an opening in the wall for a utility line, or event through a wall anchor for window shutters. However, many insurance companies do not cover these types of losses, or they may only cover the building and not your personal belongings for these types of losses. This rightly upset many home owners when it came to their insurance payout. That is why it is vital to evaluate the condition of your home to help prevent possible water damage.

How can Bowman Building Assessment Help?

Here at Bowman Building Assessment, we will conduct a moisture inspection that will provide you with a thorough report to help you to identify areas where wind-driven rain can enter or already has entered your home. Be prepared for the next storm and call us to schedule an appointment today.