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Experienced and Professional – Certified by the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) as a Stucco Inspector in the State of Florida

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Your Southwest Florida Stucco & Building Envelope Inspection Experts

If you are purchasing or already own a home in Florida, there is a strong possibility it has a stucco exterior. It is important to have an inspection by an experienced professional, who is certified by the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) as a stucco inspector in the state of Florida. Stucco is a beautiful and durable material that is common throughout Florida however, if not installed properly, it can have a number of issues which can be expensive to repair and can cause structural damage.

Why Should Stucco Be Inspected?

Moisture can penetrate into the walls and affect the window and door frames, damage stud framing, allow mold growth in wall cavities, damage insulation and interior sheetrock.

A stucco inspection can reveal issues like missing flashing, inadequate or missing sealants, excessive cracking, missing or blocked drainage accessories, improperly applied material and other problems that can lead to moisture related damage.

Detailed Reports and Assessments

Even minor moisture intrusion into a home can create big problems. As a licensed and certified stucco inspector in the state of Florida, we can help you identify these potential problems with a detailed report so you can make sure that the stucco is properly installed, and free of major flaws.

Typical Problems

  • Missing flashing or improperly sized flashing at roof to wall connections

  • Improperly wrapped openings
  • Inadequate or missing caulking at wall penetrations, window and door openings
  • Missing moisture barrier (house wrap) or improperly installed moisture barrier on wood sheathing
  • Missing or blocked drainage accessories
  • Exposed EPS foam on EIFS walls or accent bands

  • Drainage provisions at windows are blocked with stucco
  • Improperly sloped window sills

  • Excessive cracking

  • Stucco over wood sheathing below grade or in contact with soil and missing drainage plane

Additional Building Assessment Services

We offer a wide array of inspections by licensed, certified and highly qualified inspectors ready to assist with all your moisture related issues.

Infrared Inspections

Our highly trained Infrared Thermographers can help you detect unseen problems, preventing costly damage to your home.

Mold Assessments & Protocols

Licensed Mold Assessors, highly trained and experienced in detecting and assessing mold related issues.

Roof Inspections

We use IR thermography to identify and isolate roof leaks, helping you maintain your investment and keeping your roof in good condition.


Bowman Building Assessment inspectors are licensed (#HI9248, #MRSA3446) and certified. Among our many certifications and accreditations, we are proud to have received Infrared Training & Infrared Certification from the Infraspection Institute, the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. We hold certifications as Level I, Level II and Level III Thermographers. We are also certified through United Infrared, Inc. for Non Destructive Leak Detection and Roof Infrared Moisture Surveys. We also hold certifications for Moisture Inspection & Repair Protocol and Active Inspector/Moisture Analyst.