What is Kick-out Flashing?

Kick-out flashing is also known as diverter flashing. This is a small piece of flashing installed on your roof which protects your roof and walls from deterioration caused by moisture. Ideally, the rainwater should flow down roof and into your gutters, however this is not always the case. These flashings can be found above a gutter, where the roof meets a vertical wall. That is if they have been installed! When it rains in Florida, it can rain heavy. A tremendous amount of water drains off of the roof of our homes. Kick-out flashings provide excellent protection against the penetration of water into the exterior walls.

Why do I need Kick-out Flashing?

Water intrusion can happen several different ways, but a missing or improperly installed kick-out flashing is a primary culprit. Occasionally we see signs of water penetration into our homes on the exterior walls in the form of water stains. There may be damage or mold growth from moisture inside the walls with hardly any evidence at the interior. Keep in mind, this is true for all exterior siding, stone, vinyl, wood, stucco, and even concrete block. The longer the problem exists, the more expensive the repairs can be.

A moisture inspection on a stucco home, or any home, includes verifying that kick-out flashings are present and  installed correctly. Call us for more information.