What do You “See”?

See Hidden Concerns.

If your are buying a house or trying to maintain your home, there may be defects that you can not see. For instance, a home may not be energy efficient because of missing insulation. Or, overheating electrical connections can create a fire hazard. And, Moisture intrusion may be in the walls or be coming through the roof causing moisture damage and mold growth. How can you see hidden concerns? An infrared camera can help discover these issues.

What Do You “See”?

The things we see with our eyes depends greatly on light. However, an infrared camera “sees” heat energy. Heat energy radiates from everything around us. An IR camera generates an image from that heat energy. (Who says that science isn’t cool, or hot!?) So how does this help? Well, if insulation is missing in an attic, we can “see” the heat from the attic. This means the air conditioner will be working harder than it should. If water is leaking into a wall, that water will typically cool the objects it meets. And with an infrared camera we can “see” where this water is. So, it is easy to “see” the value of this kind of information. $$$$$

Do you “See” a Certification?

Infrared technology has become more affordable. Because of this, inspectors, contractors, and large companies have added these cameras to their tool belts. Now keep in mind, because someone owns an infrared camera does not mean they know how to use it. You should ask if they are a certified IR technician. Someone trained to use infrared cameras will know what they are “seeing”. Do they “see” water or cool air? Maybe an electrical breaker is overheating or is it just under load? Not understanding how to “see” what the image is showing may cost you, the client, more. Something else, is the right camera being used for the work being done? Is the camera being operated under the right conditions? Well, you get the point, hire a professional.

We are trained and certified. Call us if you are concerned about moisture, energy efficiency, stucco or siding issues, or mold. We are happy to help.