An infestation of mold after environmental disasters such as floods and hurricanes are threatening enough. However, a bigger risk for the entire population is the mold growing where you can’t see it. Exposure to mold can cause a multitude of health issues, such as severe allergic reactions, dizziness, labored breathing, fatigue, and more, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here are three things every homeowner should be aware of.

1. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Environmental mold can be more of a concern than asbestos or lead paint. It is hard to spot, since it can grow inside the walls, behind the washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher or under sinks. It also hides behind improperly installed showers, leaking roofs, and in crawl spaces with poor air circulation.

2. Proper construction practices can prevent mold.

To help prevent mold growth regular maintenance is needed on EVERY home. It is vital to keep water from entering the home, keeping your home dry prevents a primary component for mold growth, moisture. How are the sealants around the windows, doors, and utility penetrations in the exterior walls? Have roof flashings been properly installed in the right locations? Just like we go to the doctor for an annual check-up, we need to inspect our homes for needed maintenance.

3. Your doctor might not recognize the source of your condition.

Ask your physician about potential concerns within your living environments to help accurately diagnose allergies or illnesses caused by mold. Besides considering the signs and symptoms, your doctor may want to conduct a physical examination to identify or exclude other medical problems. He or she may also recommend one or more tests to see if you have an allergy that can be identified. The quality of the air in our homes has a direct effect on the quality of our lives. Make the health of you and your family your top priority and contact Bowman Building Assessment to schedule a Mold Assessment today.