Thermal imagery (or infrared thermography) is a method that detects heat emitted from an object, converts it to temperature and displays an image of temperature distribution. An infrared camera shows the temperature of surface areas. It will detect subtle changes in temperature caused by the presence of moisture or heat.

How are Infrared Camera’s used?

Thermal imagery is used for a variety of actions depending on its user. Firefighters use thermal imaging camera to detect a heat signature of a visually obscured person, and to identify hot spots at the scene of a fire. Search and rescue teams use these cameras to search for people outdoors, even police use thermal imaging cameras to locate suspects escaping capture.

How Does Bowman Building Assessment use Thermal Imaging Cameras?

With so many different uses, how do we at Bowman Building Assessment use thermal cameras? We use them in order to search for hidden moisture related issues, electrical defects and even energy loss in homes. By using these cameras, we can see temperature differences in houses that can indicate missing insulation, active leaks that can lead to mold, moisture damage, excessive air-leakage, and poor HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) performance or distribution.

Whether it’s a wet area behind a wall, roof leaks, or condensation due to an unsealed air vent, we at Bowman Building Assessment will be able to find, detect, and provide you with all the information needed to FIX the problem. If you have any moisture or mold related issues/concerns, contact Bowman Building Assessment.