Finding mold of any color is always concerning to a homeowner, finding black mold in particular however, can be extremely concerning. What exactly is Black mold though? Molds come in a range of colors, from green and blue, too brown and black. The term “Black Mold” is actually created by the media and encompasses a vast variety of different molds.

Are All Black Molds Dangerous?

Similar to how every individual has different allergies, every person can have a different reaction when it comes to mold. While some people may have an allergic reaction to one mold, another person may be completely oblivious. This is because of the mycotoxins, irritants, and carcinogens that some fungi produce. Since black molds encompass a variety of different molds, we know that not all of those molds produce the same level of mycotoxins. This means that not all black molds will be dangerous to you personally. The best way to determine the health concerns would be to talk to your physician. However, a mold assessment is recommended if you find mold of any kind in your home, or suspect mold growth.

What Kind of Mold is Dangerous?

The “black mold” that the media is referring to is known as Stachybotrys Chartarum. Stachy mold produces a high level of mycotoxins and appears as a dark greenish/black color. Moisture is required in order for any type of mold to grow. Water damage, water leaks, condensation, water infiltration, or flooding are a few causes of moisture is homes.

How Do We Detect Stachy?

Our Mold Assessment or Air Quality testing will distinguish Stachy the same way it would detect any other type of mold. When we first arrive at the homeowners’ house, we will use an air pump to take air quality samples. This air pump is connected to an air canister that has a strip of tape inside called a “spore trap”. While sucking the air into the spore trap, the piece of tape will collect any mold spores from the surrounding area. We will then send these canisters to be processed at a certified lab. There, they will determine what types of molds are present. After the samples are taken, we will then inspect your house for the cause of the mold growth. We will use our infrared camera to determine whether it is a moisture related problem and where the moisture is originating from.  If Stachy is present in your house, we will do our absolute best to find it. Contact Bowman Building Assessment today to schedule your appointment!