Stucco is meant to protect and prevent home from receiving moisture damage. What should you do though, if your stucco has become compromised? At Bowman Building Assessment, we offer stucco inspections to determine just that!

1. What is a stucco Inspection?

A stucco inspection is an evaluation of your homes exterior, and the building components that help prevent moisture intrusion into your home. There are several different types of stucco, such as EIFS (also known as synthetic) and traditional, they are typically applied to the home using different methods. We will let you know if it has been properly applied. Moisture testing is also performed to identify possible moisture intrusion.

2. Why do I need an inspection?

If you notice cracks, damage, staining, and age-caulk joints around windows and doors you may have water in your home. Water can be invasive and enter your home in several ways. The location of water entry is often difficult to find and the damage behind the stucco cannot be detected by a visual inspection. A combination of experience, moisture meters, and technology, such as InfraRed cameras, will help identify moisture problems in your home.

3. When do I need an inspection?

It is highly recommended to have an inspection before you purchase your home. It is also recommended if your home has older windows and doors, or if you see cracking, damage, or staining. Annual inspections are also a good idea, especially prior to hurricane season.

4. What does an inspection cost?

The costs typically depends on the age and square footage of the home. In order to find out what a stucco inspection would cost, please contact Bowman Building Assessment today.