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We use infrared thermography during our Roof Inspections to
identify and isolate roof leaks in your roofing system.


Bowman Building Assessment offers infrared roof inspections throughout Florida

Annual roof inspections are a critical part of building maintenance and can add years of life to your roof. We can reduce your yearly repair costs by evaluating your roof system and isolating water intrusion before any major structural damage is caused.

Do Not Wait!

Moisture issues left alone can be very costly.  IR technology can identify problems before the human eye can see them and isolate the issue to avoid unnecessary expense. If you are interested in maintaining your investment and keeping your roof in good condition call Bowman Building Assessment for a quote today.

Benefits of a roof inspection include:

Think of it this way…

Will your car run better and last longer if it is maintained on a regular basis? Of course! The same is true with building maintenance, especially the roof. In fact, in order to maintain the manufacturer’s original warranty, some manufacturers are requiring an annual infrared roof inspection.

Why We Use Infrared Thermography

We use infrared thermography to identify and isolate roof leaks in your roofing system.  This technology helps to track, verify, and repair any leaks that may be present.

Infrared thermography allows us to identify moisture intrusion areas and is conducted at night. We conduct our visual inspection the following day. This gives us a clear, overall view of the roof’s true condition.

We have a level 3 Thermographer on staff and use Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras and Tramex roof & wall moisture meters to help pinpoint the areas of concern. We have the knowledge and advanced technology to provide non-invasive data on the entire building envelope.

We are also a 3rd party assessment company. That means we will provide you with a non-bias opinion as we do not perform any repairs or install the roofing materials.

Common Roof Issues include:

  • Moisture Leaks

  • Aging/Weathering

  • Blistering

  • Open Seams

  • Damaged or Missing Flashing

  • Punctures



Stucco & Building Envelope Inspections

Experienced and Professional – Certified by the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) as a Stucco Inspector

Infrared Inspections

Our highly trained Infrared Thermographers can help you detect unseen problems, preventing costly damage to your home.

Mold Assessments & Protocols

Licensed Mold Assessors, highly trained and experienced in detecting and assessing mold related issues.


Bowman Building Assessment inspectors are licensed (#HI9248, #MRSA3446) and certified. Among our many certifications and accreditations, we are proud to have received Infrared Training & Infrared Certification from the Infraspection Institute, the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. We hold certifications as Level I, Level II and Level III Thermographers. We are also certified through United Infrared, Inc. for Non Destructive Leak Detection and Roof Infrared Moisture Surveys. We also hold certifications for Moisture Inspection & Repair Protocol and Active Inspector/Moisture Analyst.

Our Building Assessment Services and Inspections include detailed reporting and recommendations ensuring our customers are fully informed and prepared to take the next steps!